Air Moron Rules & Code of Conduct

This network may NOT be used for:

  • Flooding / Botnets
  • Any illegal activity, including knitting
  • The sale of weaponry to the micronation of Sealand
  • Spamming and/or advertising

Any and all infractions may result in punishments up to permanent denial of network use. You are completely at the whims of your friendly IRC overlords, do not piss us off and you won't get stepped on.

This network does have services. Service bots names and functions are listed as follows:

  • Kooh - Nick registration/services
  • Hana - Channel registration/services
  • Arin - Memo services
  • Cecilia - Channel bot services

Type "/msg <Service> HELP" for list of commands and more info. Help can be found in the cleverly named channel #help.